The original chakra meditation images linked at right are made from Mandelbrot set fractals, derived from a simple mathematical formula which produces complex and organic shapes (link). These images were created using Fractal Xtreme from Cygnus Software (link).


All images and text © 2005, J.M. Berger, all rights reserved. Linking is encouraged, but please e-mail for permission before reposting images. Copyright violations will be pursued.



These images can be enjoyed simply for their aesthetics, but they also reflect a deeper philosophy of the chakras, based around the original meaning of the word chakra but understood through the modern prism of quantum mechanics.

J.M. Berger has prepared a book proposal with detailed outline, market analysis and sample chapters. If you are interested in publishing Quantum Chakras, please e-mail the author at




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Loose Prints


You can purchase a huge 8-by-8 inch unframed photo quality print (suitable for framing) of any fractal chakra image on this site for $30 each, including U.S. postage and handling. For international orders, the cost is $39 each. Orders may be placed by credit card using the forms at right.


Some images have to be custom-rendered. Because of the extraordinary detail of these images, it can take up to three weeks to prepare your shipment, although most orders will be processed more quickly. Within 24 hours of payment, you will receive an e-mail with more information about when your order is expected to ship. IF YOU HAVE A DEADLINE BY WHICH YOU MUST RECEIVE YOUR PRINT, E-MAIL BEFORE ORDERING FOR AVAILABILITY!


Regular prints are not trimmed or framed. 8-by-8 images are printed on 8.5-by-11 inch paper. Size is approximate. Images can be sized smaller if you prefer, just indicate your preferred size in the "optional instructions" when ordering. Use the form at right to order regular prints — top right for U.S. orders, second to the top for international orders.


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Framed Limited Editions


Each individual Quantum Chakra is available in a limited edition run of 13, presented in a spectacularly detailed 8-by-8 inch image area format, professionally framed and matted, signed and numbered by the artist. Each limited edition print of an individual chakra is $600, not including shipping. E-mail before ordering.


The entire set of Quantum Chakras is available in a limited edition, with a run of only five printings. The complete set comes in a very tall frame (slightly more than four feet in height and about 8 inches wide) containing all seven chakras, each printed in a 6-by-6 format. Signed by the artist and numbered 1 through 5, this limited edition set is available for $4,000, not including shipping and handling. This special framing of all seven chakras will not be offered again in any form. Because of the custom framing requirements of this project, please allow up to two months for fulfillment of your order (although it may be accomplished sooner).


E-mail for information on ordering a limited edition print.


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Regular print orders are processed by Paypal. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Be sure to include your shipping address and to specify in the "notes" section which chakra images you are requesting. Limited editions may be ordered online or by check. Please e-mail for availability before sending a payment.


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$30 each, includes U.S. shipping:


Regular Prints
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$39 each, includes international shipping:



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Crown (7th)

Third Eye (6th)

Throat (5th)

Heart (4th)

Solar Plexus (3rd)

Sacral (2nd)

Root (1st)